Red River Research and Genetic Genealogy (RRRGG). New website design currently under contract, for your convenience!
Summer hiatus--we work hard all year, but summer is our project time. We will return in the fall with our newly retrofit genetic genealogy services website, continuing to provide personalized DNA interpretation reports, aiding adoption clients with their first steps in identifying potential genetic relatives, and always applying a forensic approach to your research plans and budding family tree needs.

As always, we welcome new clients, research contracts, and consultations. |
We appreciate your patronage and your patience.

Consults: limited availability during this time: see status updates below.
Status: New clients accepted again on 15 JUL 2018.

Status: Existing clients: no changes at this time.

Status: Pro Bono Cases: Upcoming slot available 01 SEP 2018.

Contracted Research: limited availability through the new year to existing clients and cases.
Have a great summer season!